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About Nishorgo Ecoresort

Nishorgo Ecoresort is a cozy, eco-friendly, leisure and activity retreat located in the tea capital Sreemangal, one of the closest destinations to experience the tropical paradise of Bangladesh.Roughly 4 kilometers away from Lawachara National Park, the 3 acres resort caters to a variety of travelers and holiday-goers who want to get away from the crowd and find shelter in nature.

The Cottage has its own tea garden placed on the hillocks surrounding the elegant valley. It is outfitted with all the sought after facilities like a fully equipped conference room, splendidly equipped indoor sports room, a tasteful outdoor swimming pool, and a fine badminton court. You can come and visit the bamboo & wooden framed Novem Restaurant, placed delicately in the valley, to fill your appetite. All the structures built inside are of wood, mud, straw, and bamboo that are environmentally friendly. The wooden bridge that connects two hillocks gives you a mesmerizing view of the overall resort. You can take a stroll over the bridge for leisure and set off to your chosen accommodation.

The mud cottage gives you an essence of peaceful rural Bangladesh. Furnished and blended in urban comforts, it has its very own adjoining swimming pool. The wooden villa gives you a flavor of a modern chalet with Private pool on the top of the hillock to view the horizon and a personal outdoor bar-b-que space to enjoy the evenings. Try the Novem tents to smell the nature from close. Go trekking and bicycling through the beautiful Sreemongol landscape in the surrounding. Come and explore the harmony of nature and enjoy an unparalleled experience.